About us

Located in L'Isle-Verte, in the heart of the beautiful Lower St. Lawrence region, the Chéné-Sasseville company has been an active presence in the field of decorative arts for 30 years.  And thanks to our network of European suppliers we’re able to offer an impressive range of the newest, most resistant textile designs.


Always on the lookout for the latest decoration trends, the Chéné-Sasseville team prides itself on traditional and contemporary home textile styles that deliver on our promise of beauty, comfort, and enhanced quality of life.

We pay close attention to finish, and production is overseen by a team who are exceptionally proud of their work, and intend to remain so.

The expertise we’ve developed throughout the years ensures a consistently high-quality product. Whether it’s the fitting of coordinates, or the selection of fabrics and their superior finish, our goal is steadfast, to embellish your home with decorative elements that are as unique as they are durable and easily maintained.

We are sensitive to the wave of current environmental issues, and recycling is act of ecological responsibility we take to heart. For example, we use our fabric leftovers to create hand-woven carpets, which, while elegant decorative elements, also do their part to preserve and protect the environment.

We are proud  to produce and provide to you a wide selection of elegant, competitively-priced home textiles in the very comfort of your home.

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